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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Do You Even Know What That Means?

A recent poll states that 45% of the American public wants President Bush to face impeachment.

In all fairness to the President, I think that any survey that asks such a question should follow up with these ones and likewise report the results:

1. Do you know what impeachment is? Please explain the process.
2. For which crimes, specifically, should the President be impeached?

Call me a crazy, conclusion-jumping kangaroo in man's clothing, but I'd be willing to bet that about 15% of the public (and not necessarily a full overlap with the 45%) could describe impeachment and removal with any kind of material accuracy. Actual crimes... that would be another tough one. Torture at Gitmo! Er... He's a Nazi! Or. Something. The pollster could then give the respondents a remedial civics lesson about what impeachment is, how it works, and how you actually have to have, you know, a law that's been violated. And just not liking the guy, or shouting "Abu Ghraib!" doesn't cut it.

Personally, I think the impeachment of Bill Clinton and subsequent trial was a pathetic, politically motivated smear tactic and a horrible precedent to set. And for the current President? You voted for him, you've got him for four years. Suck it up, people.


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