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Friday, November 14, 2008

History Doesn't Matter Now

The Bible says that if we believe in the redeeming power of Jesus the Christ, our sins will be "lost in the sea of forgetfulness. Separated as far from us as the East from the West." And, while that may or may not be true, the lesson certainly holds for the current state of America. When you are set free by an incredible act of absolution, repentance and the demonstration of wisdom, a new era begins. As we have learned from history, when the fundamental rules of the universe change you cannot allow yourself to be constrained by old ideas and judgments.

And so it is, now that Mr. Obama has been chosen to rule the free world. Perhaps Mr. Fukiyama should write a new essay called "The Beginning of History," because that is truly where we stand. Things are different in a basic way from what they were just two weeks ago, and that gives us an enormous amount of freedom. It also lets us answer the haters who would seek to burden us with "lessons" of times that are no longer relevant. I'll throw up just a few for examples:

Criticism: Those "Yes We Can" posters look like communist propaganda, and the fact that they appeal to a certain type of cult-of-personality worshiper freaks me out. I'm buying guns.
Response: See, you're looking at this from the perspective of history, which is now invalid. It doesn't really matter if a graphic style has a particular appeal to a group of people who might share a common wiring scheme upstairs, and that historically those people tend to migrate toward a certain type of leader. It looks great! Very cool. End of story.

Criticism: Socialism is a major draw on economies. A robust one might tolerate a certain amount of socialist silliness, but if it gets out of hand it can set off a nearly-unstoppable chain reaction slide into mass dependence on government services, a failing private sector and the eventual flight of anyone capable of actually producing wealth.
Response: Once again, you're looking to history for your arguments, and that just doesn't play anymore. The rules have changed. Never before have the ideas and proposals at issue had such a perfect champion as we now have in Mr. Obama. Never before have the resources of such a nation as ours stood ready to answer the call of that champion.

Criticism: I'd like to believe that Obama will govern as a moderate, but the fact that almost all of his previous associations, friendships and education have been of the radical and Marxist variety (including a now admitted "family friendship" between the Obamas and the Ayers/Dohrn crew) really makes me wonder if we've been fooled.
Response: That's all in the past. It's history. This is a new day. All that matters is what Mr. Obama said during his campaign. His word is his bond. Or, should I say, his latest word is his bond. There were a number of times during his brilliant campaign when he was forced by circumstances beyond his control to recalibrate his statements. One conservative blogger was fond of saying "Every statement from Barack Obama comes with an expiration date. Every. One." Well, duh. You can't expect someone like Mr. Obama to remain beholden to history for the sake of merely avoiding the press playing "gotcha" with him on every word that comes out of his mouth when he has a revolution to run.

Remember folks -- when you're looking as far forward as we are, there is no way the past will ever catch up with you!


  • At 11/15/2008 5:57 PM, Blogger Kernon Dillon said…

    I'm glad I went back to earlier posts to discover what these latest posts are about! I really thought you were serious...and insane. LOL

    I'm glad you're joking.

    There are enough people out there that really "think" like this. You had me thinking "oh, great...another one."


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