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Thursday, November 06, 2008

A New Direction For a New Day

You know, I think I've been saved from myself.

Watching all of the supporters of Mr. Obama party and be happy this past Tuesday night has convinced me: I was wrong. And actually, I wasn't just wrong. I was colossally wrong. How could I have thought that people like myself and others I know could make better decisions for themselves than a blue-ribbon panel of government appointed experts? How could I have thought that my own meager contributions to charity were worth anything beside the awesome power of my money once donated along with that of millions of others for the Federal government to enhance, study and make use of where it's really needed?

Happy cheering crowds consisting of millions of people cannot be wrong, and I can't believe that I used to think otherwise.

So it's a new direction for a new day.

In a flash, a great number of truths have been made clear to me. I've learned some great new stuff, some really revelatory lessons, and I'm going to be sharing them over the next few weeks. Things like:

- History doesn't matter anymore;
- "Papers Please" should make you feel good;
- The low-stress life;
- Making new friends is easy now;
- How to feel good;

And most importantly:

- Pure thoughts are more important than actions.

Until then, I hope you like the new look and title of the site! Due to restrictions with my service provider, I can't change the actual address, but I'm sure you understand. Don't worry, though -- I'll be bringing a civil rights suit against them for even allowing me to use a domain name with the word "cowboy" (i.e. "vigilante oppressor") in it to begin with. If I win, I'll be applying for a Federal grant to help guide me through the process of transitioning the old domain name to the new one. See, before I would have to fight my own battles and try to figure this kind of thing out for myself. Holy crap, I'm so glad those days are over.

If you want to see what the old site looked like, well, I have to admit that my thoughts haven't quite yet reached a proper level of justice, fairness and purity. The old design can be found by clicking the link to the right called "Toggle My Shameful Past." Once I've purged all of the old thoughts, I can remove the old design, but until then, I will keep it as both a testament to my horrible past and as a spur toward future growth!

So, enjoy the brand new Steel City Comrade!

(And btw, Mr. Obama -- pleased forgive me for the crack I made the other day about unicorns and such. Honestly, I'll be happy to take whatever you want to give me. I'm a new man now. I promise!)


  • At 11/06/2008 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks, I feel so much better about the election now.

    When can I expect the Gov't to ship your lunch to me? -- Unc


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