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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I got in an argument at work the other day with one of our crazy conservatives (I'm surrounded by them! Help!):

CC: "We need to let GM fail."

SSC: "Are you crazy? This is a great opportunity for some badly-needed top down control in that industry. Do you want all those people to lose their jobs?"

CC: "The problem is that right now, the presence of a company like GM is actually preventing another, better company from taking it's place."

SSC: "If that 'other company' is so great, why hasn't it already taken over?"

CC: "You mean like Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan have?"

SSC: "They're foreign companies!" (He obviously doesn't get it.)

CC: "Look. By bailing out a company that's been utterly out-competed, you're stopping the next great American car company from finding it's market."

SSC: "We'll just wait and see what Mr. Obama thinks about this."

Which pretty much settled it. He closed his eyes for a minute, kind of rubbed the back of his neck and just walked away. I guess things like "logic" are too much for him. I'm pretty sure he was about to launch into some kind of assassination rant, so I didn't bother to follow up. I think I'll start carrying around a little recording device, though, in case someone really blows up and says something they shouldn't. I know that Pennsylvania has a two-party notification law for recording people, but I'm sure Mr. Obama would give people a pass on State law for national security reasons.


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