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Monday, December 08, 2008

The Pressure Is Off

There are a lot of pressures in a man's life. One of them is the notion that you have to keep doing better and better professionally in order to keep pace with everyone else. You must constantly be moving forward. Another, and this one applies especially to people of high skill and elite education, is the pressure to strike out on your own: create a new business or bring to market one of your great ideas, and in turn prove jobs and add wealth and goodness to the world.

I'm so very happy to note that with Mr. Obama, that pressure is finally off! No one is getting promotions or raises. No one is going out on a limb to start a small business. Simply by keeping my job and not taking a pay cut, I'm ahead of the game!

As we look ahead to the playing field being leveled by force (hatchet, axe and saw!), it's nice to know that the pressure on people like myself to excel is gone. Good riddance.


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