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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just Can't Do It Anymore

Okay, comrades... er... folks. I can't do that anymore. It was fun, and I had more material, but in the end, there was other stuff I wanted to be saying that I couldn't say in faux hardcore communist mode.

So here it is, and on this day I think it's particularly appropriate:

You're doing it wrong.

When George Bush was elected in 2000, I tried to alleviate some of my Democrat friends' horrible fears by telling them "You're not going to be able to do anything tomorrow you couldn't do today, and vice versa." And mostly, that turned out to be true. Sure, we got to keep a little more of our hard-earned cash, and world events came to bear as they always do. But the advice was accurate then, and still is.

The President of the United States, despite the fact that people call him The Most Powerful Man in the World, Leader of the Free World, Our Country's Leader, etc. is really just the head of the Executive branch of the Federal government. That's it. The position has some very specific, clearly delineated duties, which, despite what raving liberal pontificators have been screaming for the last eight years, remains true to this day. All of those domestic things that President Bush "did," and all of the plans and domestic whatnot that has been ascribed to Presidents throughout history, almost all of it had to pass through Congress. All of those grand plans the candidates talk about -- they are just proposals for Congress. Remember that when you think "Obama is going to this" and "Obama is going to do that."

So, like, don't get too hopped up about a new President.

But look around and listen. It's a new hope! It's time to start believing in government again! Finally, we can feel good about our country! Yea!

Here's a little secret (and it's really no secret if you've read the Founding documents and the letters and papers surrounding them):

We're not supposed to like the government. At best, we're supposed to tolerate it. At best, it's a necessary evil. It's the Big Fist. The government is a gun. Something no one really wants to have to have, but in the end, find that we do. And just like a gun, it must only be used with discipline, rarely, and with great discernment.

The rules of gun ownership are simple:
  1. Every gun is loaded.
  2. Know your target and what's behind it.
  3. Never point your gun at something you're not willing to destroy.
I think those rules also apply to government.
  1. Every law, tax, regulation and beauracrat is ready to do damage, whether you think they're perfectly harmless or not.
  2. Before you use the power of the government to do something, makes absolutely sure of what you're using it for and the issues that surround it in case you plan doesn't work out like you hoped.
  3. Never, ever, ever let the government handle something unless you're okay with it resulting in a smoking crater.
With that in mind, shall we talk about using the government for "changing things for the better?"

Change and goodness come from individuals -- from people like you and me -- not from a set of blind rules.

Don't fall in love with the people who hold the government's reins. It puts on them what should be on you. It can fool you into believing that a gun is a flower. It can fool you into believing that the person who holds the power to change the world lives in Washington D.C., instead of in your own home.

Don't fall for it. Let the new President do his job. But remember that his job is actually relatively small compared to the job that you have of living your own life with compassion, honor and discipline.


  • At 2/03/2009 11:43 AM, Blogger The Gunslinger said…

    Brilliant post. I particularly liked your comparison of guns/government. And you are exactly right, of course. George Washington himself (as you clearly know) said government was evil.

    Doesn't get much clearer than that. Shame that America is so ill-educated today that the words of the Founders are "occult" knowledge.

    I've linked to this post from my blog. My readers will love it.

    And once they get here, I hope they will read and enjoy the other great posts, just like I did.


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