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Monday, September 28, 2009

This Just Makes Me Sad

Chicago gangs murder honor student three blocks from school.

There's a video there, but I won't watch it out of respect for the kid who tried to help his fellow students against gang violence. I could see someone making a case for the opposite stand, though, and it wouldn't be without merit, i.e. paying witness to his end is the true show of respect.

After reading that article, I had intended to write something snarky about Chicago and Mayor Daley's assinine ban on all handguns, but after thinking about it for more than two seconds I realized that jokes weren't justified.

I am a staunch proponent of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (and yes, I capitalize it), as I believe that history demonstrates that it is the one right that absolutely guarantees that the others shall not be taken away. Something like this couldn't make it clearer.

This \demonstrates both sides of the argument. Strict handgun ban -- how's that working out? Has it ended the violence? Just check Chicago's crime states. Guns are tools. People use tools to their own ends. They'll use other tools, including their fists. You can't abrogate the natural right of self defense of ninety-nine percent of the people just because you think it will make it easier to control the one percent that don't want to play by the rules. Foolishness.

On the other side, one person with a legal firearm and training could have stopped this. Just one. But there are no legal firearms in Chicago. It's a handgun free zone, don't you know. And that makes it safe. Doesn't it?

It just makes me sad.

I watched Watchmen the other day, and the one thing that really stuck with me from the book came through in the film too. Each of us is an improbability. A vast, nearly infathomable improbability. What are the odds that you, yourself, are where you are right now, who you are right now? As Dr. Manhattan says, seeing the person in front you of being exactly who they are is like seeing oxygen change to gold.

And that beautiful improbability from that family in Chicago? Gone now. Changed back into meaningless molecules.

Tell me again how the tools are evil and not the hands that hold them.


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